Python Client for Alerting and Plugins

Hi, I have created an Issue(for a feature) and a pull request in opensearch-py for “OpenSearch Plugins” API. It has been 12 days and I have still not heard anything from the team. I can understand that it is not the priority for everyone right now but it is a bit of a priority to me as one of my projects is highly dependent on OpenSearch.

I would like to know if there is any update on "when I can get any feedback or review for the PR or the Issue."

Issue: #90
PR: #93

Thank you,

Hey @arnavdas88 - Sorry about that. I don’t know how that fell between the cracks. I don’t know if the maintainers somehow missed it or what, but I’ve tagged them in it and (at least) I’ve approved the CI to run on your PR. I’m going to keep an eye on these for you.

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Thank you so much @searchymcsearchface,

I was just feeling a bit restless there at first, as the “DCO signoff” and “lint” are still a bit new to me, and this was my first PR to OpenSearch.

I am really excited to contribute to this project. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you,