Problems creating coordinate maps

We have migrated the dashboards and visualizations from a ELK 7.2 to OpenDistro 7.10.2. Most things have gone well but coordinate maps are not working properly.
Most of the maps appear empty after loading the dashboard and you have to press the zoom button in order to see the map.
Original map before clicking the zoom button:

Some maps don´t show anything even after clicking zoom button. Is there any configuration that we are missing?

We have seen this documentation: WMS Map Server - Open Distro for Elasticsearch Documentation but we are not completely sure if that configuration applies to the coordinate maps.

Here are a few options you may want to consider… Status of Kibana Maps - #7 by robcowart

Hi, I tried with some of the maps of that link and the result is the same. I configure the WMS but the map is still blank.