OpenSearch Ruby Client

The latest release (7.14) of the elasticsearch Ruby client adds some code that prevents the gem from working with “unsupported” versions of Elasticsearch. “Unsupported” in this context means not only “OpenSearch,” but also the Apache2-licensed versions of Elasticsearch for some reason.

As a hosted search provider that supports both OpenSearch and Elasticsearch, we’ve already had customers writing in after getting exceptions in test and PR apps, thanks to the latest elasticsearch-ruby release. Our advice has been for users to pin their apps to the 7.13 release of the gem for now.

We are in need of a longer-term solution, namely an Apache 2.0-licensed Ruby client. I noted in the announcement that there are plans for doing exactly this.

How can we best help in that effort? Or at the very least, speed up the timeline for availability?

Hey @robsears!

Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that you’re willing to help. Right now the team is in the process of making these repos free from potentially problematic trademarks and other similar activities, so they are marked as private. However, you can still contribute but there is a few extra steps to get you access. I’ll PM about early access (or you can wait until they are public/public - I don’t think it will be too terribly long).