Kubernetes operator support for the fork

are there any plans to offer a kubernetes / openshift operator which will be compatible with the fork? or, if not offered by the fork, is there any operator by a 3rd party which is known to support it?
using ECK does not seem to be an option (both from a license point of view and also from a technical point of view, see: Does elastic eck operators support open distro for Elasticsearch).

using an operator gives much more flexibility compared to manually running it (e.g. with helm charts), esp. when it comes to upgrades & scaling.

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This is high up on our list to contribute or hopefully work with RedHat on an operator for the fork. It will be essential IMO.


thank you for this confirmation, @jkowall! :partying_face:

do you already have some additional information about this operator?

  • do you know whether it’ll be based on an existing operator (e.g. i’m aware of the one from zalando: zalando-incubator/es-operator) or if it’ll be something new?
  • will this be ready for the first release of the fork (or already a beta before that)?

Not sure when it will come out, we haven’t started work on it. It would be a fork of an existing operator. The two candidates I have seen are the one you mentioned from Zalando or from RedHat openshift/elasticsearch-operator (github.com)

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Here is a Kubernetes Logging Helm chart that both tackles scaling and upgrading problems. It can run from a minikube setup (without a kafka broker) up to scaled out horizontally and vertically cluster setup. The chart is perfect for learning and experimenting but can be leveraged for any further development if needed.

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now that OpenSearch is officially out: do you have a timeline for this (at least a timeline for when you’ll start with it)? can the planning & discussion (e.g. selection/evaluation of base for the new operator) be done in the open so that we know who’s working on this and what considerations are going into it and can contribute feedback?

out of interest: i presume that AWS isn’t manually managing their ES (soon: OS?) instances - is their operator (or whatever they’re using) an option as a basis for opensearch? it would of course require AWS to opensource it first (AFAIK it isn’t under a FOSS license / publicly visible yet?)

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