Integration with beats


Hi all. Trying to hook up a locally installed Metricbeat with Open Distro installed via Docker Desktop. Guessing I need to pass my basic authentication credentials in my metricbeat.yml file somehow.

Did anyone try this already?

Current output section looks as follows:

  hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

Yeah it should work if your Beats client is configured to communicate over HTTP/S with config properties such as:

username: xxx
password: xxx
protocol: https
hosts: [“localhost:9200”]
- /etc/pki/my_root_ca.pem


where to configure those username and passwords in elastic?

can we use http protocol without certificate?

is filebeat ok? because i keep getting response 401 in filebeat.
if we are trying to use admin:admin then i receive license error


Have you checked to make sure you are using the OSS version of Beats (not the commercially licensed one)? They recently added checks that will not allow the commercially licensed agents/clients communicate with OSS versions of Elasticsearch. I suspect a lot of folks will run into this one.

Make sure you are using this download:
Not this download:


thanks a lot! i was running the non oss version.

Will check the oss version and get back here with feedback!


Hi, the oss worked fluently

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