Exporting Alerts


Is there a way we can export alerting objects similar to dashbaord/visualizations ?


you can try it with skedler.
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Hi @pveerapa,

What is your use case for exporting? To import into another cluster or just backup somewhere?
One of our members did create: https://github.com/mihirsoni/odfe-monitor-cli to manage the monitors in source control.

Hi @dbbaughe We are trying to export the monitors from one cluster and import the same into another cluster.

Hi @pveerapa,

Seems like this is a common ask across plugins with these type of configuration objects. We currently do not have a solution for this baked into the Alerting plugin. Would have to use other means like reindexing or writing a script to do it. We’ll add this to our backlog, thanks.

Thanks for the reply @dbbaughe