Unable to setup apt repo for opendistro in our org

Hi, I was trying to setup a Jfrog Remote artifactory repository in our organisation and were unable to do so. It looks like there is some issue with the https://d3g5vo6xdbdb9a.cloudfront.net/apt/
We have been able to setup all other kinds of external apt repos and have been using artifactory for a number of years now, so it doesn’t look like any issue with artifactory settings.
The url https://d3g5vo6xdbdb9a.cloudfront.net/apt/ if accessed via browser returns Access denied. I assume the permissions on these folders/objects should be recursively set to publicly browsable.

Note: We are able to use the repo on our machines by pointing to https://d3g5vo6xdbdb9a.cloudfront.net/apt/in source.list however not able to set remote repo in artifactory. Please fix the permissions on the repo folders.

Also a completely seperate issue : I inspected the contents of https://d3g5vo6xdbdb9a.cloudfront.net/apt/dists/stable/main/binary-amd64/Packages
and found the the Homepage link mentioned in the description of all the packages gives a 404. (https://opendistro.github.io/elasticsearch/downloads)

Thanks @apednekar. Could you please open an issue on github?