Unable to set permissions for PUT index_template

I’m using ODFE 1.12 and I’m trying to set permissions for the new ES templates APIs (PUT _component_template, PUT _index_template).

I wasn’t able to find the exact permissions, that should be:

  • indices:admin/component_template/put
  • indices:admin/index_template/put

I also tried different combinations of action groups (e.g. cluster_all, indices_all) but I always get the following error:

no permissions for [indices:admin/index_template/put]

The only way I found to make this work is to give admin-like permissions (*).

Is there something I am missing or there are missing permissions in ODFE?

Thanks. Best regards.

You could first create a new action group, let’s say “template-admin”:
And you give the action group indices:admin/index_template/put and any other permission that might become necessary:

Then you can create a new role (or update existing role). Where you add the index_patterns that you want the role to be able to manage, you must also add the template-admin to the allowed_actions .

After that you must make sure that your user is mapped to that role.

Hi @alex, did you manage to get it working using the above instructions?

Hi Anthony,
thanks for checking, I had no time yet to test this.