Unable to map geo_point

Hi team,

Can someone please help me on geo_point? I am using OSS version 7.2.1 and my data is properly being parsed and can see geo information however when I am plotting the geo map on Kibana this is giving me an error

The index pattern data-ip-* does not contain any of the following compatible field types: geo_point
geoip.as_org Telecom Italia
**#**  geoip.asn 3,269
**t**  geoip.continent_code EU
**t**  geoip.country_code2 IT
**t**  geoip.country_code3 IT
**t**  geoip.country_name Italy
**t**  geoip.ip
**#**  geoip.latitude 43.148
**#**  geoip.location.lat 43.148
**#**  geoip.location.lon 12.11
**#**  geoip.longitude 12.11
**t**  geoip.timezone Europe/Rome

Can someone please help?