Tarball install for Prod?

It states in the install docs that:

The tarball installation provides a self-contained directory with everything you need to run OpenSearch, including an integrated Java Development Kit (JDK). The tarball is a good option for testing and development.

I’m not planning on installing via Docker and just plan on creating a cluster from multiple VM’s. My question is… Since the docs say that the tarball option is good for testing and development, how would I go about this if I wasn’t planning on this being “testing and development”?

This cluster is not going to some super important “mission critical” cluster. But I’d consider it more “prod” that “testing and development”. It will have multiple master nodes, multiple hot/warm nodes, and multiple coordinating nodes. So it gave me pause to see that the tarball install is only good for “testing and development”.

Is there a separate install method for a “prod” deployment that I haven’t found yet? Or is it just because the tarball comes with it’s own JDK?

Some clarification on the statement “the tarball is a good option for testing and development” would be helpful.



The wording here is pretty specific - it’s good for testing and development, but I don’t think it says it’s bad for production. In your situation, go for that the tarball.

A easier option for a lot of folks in production is package manager installs (DEB/RPM) but those aren’t yet available (next version). I think once those are out, that will be a better recommendation.

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out of interest: what will these contain? with the tarballs we have various distributions available (“full” vs. “min”; hopefully soon also with “no-jdk”). will the DEB/RPM ship as a “full” package with its own JDK or will there also be multiple DEB/RPM packages available (one for each distribution)?
i couldn’t find any information on this in the tickets.

They’ll be full distributions - similar to Open Distro’s model.

ok, so in a docker image built for a specific purpose we’d still use the tarballs instead of the RPM packages? (i’m fine with that, it’s what i’m currently doing)

I haven’t heard anything changing about the docker images - I’d assume they are still being based on the tarballs.

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