ServiceName For Opentelemetry Java(Tomcat)

I used the attached to define the service name for the tomcat application for opendistro trace analytics. I am using otlp collector to receive and exporting to Data prepper. On the Kibana UI, I see the traces but the service name dont show up.

See attached . The javaparameters where I defined the service name as per the docuumentation


What am getting wrong?

Hi @chidex, which version of Trace Analytics and data-prepper are you on? And do you see any errors in developer tools console when you go to the Services page?


Hi joshli,
I am using trace analytics version and data-prepper 1.0.0

Just to mention that I see no errors on the Dec console…

Hmm, could you check that serviceName field is not empty in your otel-v1-apm-span-* and otel-v1-apm-service-map indices? Or if there is no sensitive information, could you also share some sample data from these indices? I can try to reproduce the issue on my end.

Thank you joshli for responding. See attached

Hi chidex can you please explain how you used it