RPM Distributions delayed again?

Does anyone have any status on the RPM distributions? If I remember correctly, this was supposed to be a GA (1.0) feature. It was then pushed to 1.1, but then 1.0.1 got released at the 1.1 planned date and 1.1 pushed further to the right. Now it looks like even the ‘1.1’ tag got removed from the RPM issue in GitHub (OpenSearch / OpenSearch Dashboards - RPM distribution (X64) · Issue #27 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub). Is there any information that can be shared about when we will get a RPM for OpenSearch similar to what has consistently been available for ElasticSearch? Thanks in advance for your insights.


Oh, this was disappointing news to me I was waiting for the 1.1 to release before upgrading from OpenDistro because the rpm support OpenSearch Project Roadmap · GitHub

x64 RPM is in 1.2 on Nov 9. ARM RPM is going to be in 1.3. As @oscark noted, it’s on the road map.

A lot of this was affected by needing to fork the clients and produce an output plugin for Logstash (see: OpenSearch Roadmap & Release Update). It’s nothing technical, it’s just a bottleneck in capacity. Good news is the team is automating at they go along so it should pay off later with the ability more rapidly release.

But I do hear you both - RPM and DEB are super vital to serious use for a lot of folks.


x64 deb will be added in 1.2 @searchymcsearchface?

@yuvaraj Yup. DEB x64 is in 1.2.