Reporting Module


Any chance you are working on a reporting module for the Open Distro. The product Skedler is getting more and more expensive every year, and it would be great if there was a reporting option with automated emails sent out to stakeholders.


I would like to see that feature too.
Is there any way i can export dashboards to pdf?


Hi @kustid and @nmsilva, we don’t currently support this functionality today. This is something we want to build. We have opened an issue to track this item. Feel free to :+1: it and add comments/feedback.

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Noting another option here: “Sentinl” appears to be open source and Apache-licensed.


I’ll give it a try.


Most of the third party solutions don’t suit me :frowning: as i need to be able to modify in real time the dashboard (using controls to set filters) and be able to Download a PDF of the dashboard with only a click.

Anyone can help me here? is there way to do this with an existing third party solution?