Question about .net connector (and possibly others)

Hi all,
is there any detail on how OpenSearch will evolve in relation to the connectors for languages beside Java and in particular .NET ?
Considering the compatibiity matrix of Nest (cfr. elasticsearch-net/ at master · elastic/elasticsearch-net · GitHub ) I can assume the that the current version of Nest could be compatible also for OpenSearch being it based on 7.10.x… but what about future?
As new features will be added to ES (and others possibily in OpenSearch) would Nest become unusable ?
Is there any plan (or need) to get the ES connectors under the OpenSearch project umbrella ?


Voicing my support and need here:
One of the reasons Elasticsearch got so popular is due to the broad support on many platforms.
Continuing with the current NEST implementation should work for a while, however, it will most likely stop working after some time has passed.
A definitive answer will make us, and many other, much more trusting in contributing to the endeavor