OpenSearch Learning to Rank plugin

During this evening meetup, It was requested to port Elasticsearch Learning to Rank plugin to Opendistro.

I published a fork update to 7.10 version and initial working binaries at opensearch-learning-to-rank.

Only 14 tests or above ~200 are not working due to securemock issues.

Any feedback is welcomed.


Wow. That was fast. Did you use the automated tool you spoke about in the meeting or was this done by hand?

The big part was done by the script to convert names and classes to opensearch namespaces. It’s not perfect but it does the majority of the change.
Elasticsearch code and opensearch code are quite the same.
To compile the code, I had to remove some references to old Elasticsearch version (7.7, 6.7, …).
And then after the testing, it’s quite fast to do a github release :wink: