OpenId with opendisto 1.12

Has anyone tried opendistro 1.12 in OpenId ? I have previously obtained a proper OpenId configuration for version 1.11 with a Keycloak ID Provider. Using version 1.12 with the same configuration, however, the Keycloak login page is not reached. I get a 401 instead. Parameters in the url are not right at all. How different should the configuration with version 1.12 be from version 1.11 ?

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Today I tried to update from opendistro 1.9 to 1.12 that iā€™m using with keycloak but I encountered the same problem as you describe above.

I opened an issue explaining the problem after search in the code of the repo and not found diferences with the older version:

If you find something more please tell me, otherwhise i still use the ODFE 1.9

Good to know about this. I think that I will then pass 1.12 as I just got OIDC working with 1.11 after a long fight.