Open Dockerfile


Do you have any intentions of opening sourcing your Dockerfile? Currently, the only way to look at the build steps is running docker history amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch-kibana:0.7.0 --no-trunc.

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Hi @tenerent,

That’s great feedback. I’ve gone ahead and opened an issue in our community project to track. Please feel free to give it a :+1: and add any additional details. Here is the link:



Great. I just saw the repos are currently in following two organizations:

This may lead to confusion where to put issues in.


Thanks for the feedback. If there are issues with a specific project, we suggest creating an issue in the corresponding Github repo. For example an issue with the Alerting plugin would go here.

The link hosts the project’s documentation and website repos while the plugins and other project source code are available in If there is a new plugin/feature that doesn’t fit well into any of the projects we suggest opening an issue in our community Github repo. We will work on continuing to drive clarity.