ODFE 1.8.0 Release screens reference Elastic Kibana

The “spinning wheel” graphic in Kibana in ODFE 1.8.0 (displayed while Kibana is busy/thinking) refers to “Elastic Kibana”. That’s the text used for the browser tab name as well.

Also, at some point, I submitted a query and a pop-up appeared to telling me the query was taking a long time and suggested I might want to review my license options as well (“With an upgraded license, you can ensure requests have enough time to complete.”). I suspect that is a hold-over from the Elastic distribution of Kibana as well. When I clicked on the link, it returned me to the Kibana home page.

UPDATE: Hmmn, that dialog is appearing very frequently and I think it will confuse my end-users. If this can’t be fixed or, at least, disabled, I think this will prevent me from deploying this version.

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@ylwu @bpavani Can one of you open a bug on the appropriate development team for these issues? I wasn’t sure which project on GitHub would be the right one.

Also, any idea if these issues (especially the license dialog issue) might be addressed quickly with an incremental/minor (1.8.1?) release or if we’d have to wait for the next major (1.9.0) release?

UPDATE: I managed to grab a screenshot of the license dialog:

Just confirm there are two issues here

one is “Elastic Kibana” need to replace

another is adhoc license dialog?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks @huan

Thanks @GSmith for raising this issue.

@huan and our team are looking into this. We will get back to you soon.


we have addressed both problem.

will leave to @bpavani for answer which release will pickup
this change.

Thanks @huan! I appreciate the quick work to fix these issues.

Hi guys,

This issue is back in version 1.9.0


@bpavani @virajph @huan Can one of you clarify whether this is going to be fixed in 1.10.0? It has a direct impact on how soon some of us can move away from 1.7.0 and take advantage of all of the cool new things introduced since then (i.e. 1.8, 1.9, 1.10?).

@GSmith I am the product manager for Kibana and will get back to you soon.