ODBC driver crash

Im trying to connect elasticsearch to power-bi using the Open Distro ODBC driver, but the problem is that the (64bit version) crashes when i click on “Test”.
Ive tried both the elasticsearch version that Open Distro provides and the one that is available on the elastichstack website.

These are the settings i used for the configuration of the elasticsearch version provided by Open Distro.

I also tried installing the 32bit version of the driver. While using the same settings this driver didnt crash, tho it did gave the following error:
Connection error: [Open Distro For Elasticsearch][SQL ODBC Driver][SQL Plugin] Connection error: failed to establish connection to DB.

Also i can connect perfectly fine when i use the following shell command:
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200 -u admin:admin --insecure

Thanks in advance for the help!

@Floris, what is about checkbox “Hostname Verification”? For curl you use --insecure.

Im still new to Elastic and opendisistro, so im just trying to follow the documentation to get things to work.

To verify the installation of the opdistro version of elasticsearch i have to use the --insecure command:

And the hostname verification checkbox i checked since thats also what the exaple does in the documentation, altho i have tried unchecking the checkbox. Tho that also didnt work for me.

I mean, if we use --insecure with curl which is used in case when we use a self-signed certificate to secure connection to the cluster, we probably should also try to disable ‘Hostname Verification’.

I just tried it, but i still have the problem that when i click on “test” both the “ODBS Data Sources” app from windows and the driver DNS setup from Distro closes for no reason.