Metricbeat Dashboards for Opendistro Kibana

Has anyone installed Metricbeat dashboards into Kibana for Opendistro 1.3.0?

I’ve successfully installed and configured the Metricbeat OSS package metricbeat-oss-7.3.2-amd64.deb, and I can see there is data in my elasticsearch cluster.

I Enabled the elasticsearch and system metricbeat modules and installed the Metrobeat Index and Dashboard Setup successfully
But when I log into Kibaba, there are no dashboards or visualizations to inspects the data and nothing in Saved Objects either?

It appears that the Dashboards were installed into the Global Tenant, so when I switched to that I found the System Dashboards, but unfortunately no Elastistack Dashboards.

This seems like an obvious hole in the Opendistro offering.

Dunno where to go from here to view my elasticsearch/system cluster health info?
Can anyone give some guidance or advice based on your experience knowledge of Opendistro

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