Masked fields causing dashboard errors


This sort of seems like a generalized error so please forgive me if this doesn’t belong in this category.

When setting up a role, let’s call it “kibana_user” all the permissions are correct across the kibana indices, cluster perms, etc.

Dashboards, visualizations, general search all works just fine.
Once I add a masked field to my "logstash-* intdex permissions for the “kibana_user” I am no longer able to see dashboards. Strange enough, If I create a visualization of the masked field, it works perfectly fine.
However no dashboards actually load data (5 out of 10 shards failed error message in kibana etc.) Once I remove the masked field the dashboards load.

I opened: that has an example of the trace and search that was attempted that caused the error.


Guess no one else is using masked fields?