Limit contents of "Discover" index drop down list

How can I restrict the list of indexes in the “Discover” drop down list to only offer those that match the Index Patterns defined in the user’s role.

Currently even though the filter pattern restricts what indexes the user can perform a search on; it still shows them the entire list of indexes.

If a user then selects an index they do not have permissions for, the results box stays blank, which is fine; but a red error message is displayed at the top; which is a poor user experience!

I would really like to prevent restricted users from seeing and being able to select indexes they are not allowed to search for.

I’d appreciate any help on this; assuming it’s even possible.


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Hello @boatmisser !
I had to do the same for my instance and the only way I found was to make specific Tenants.
Tenants are the only work around I found to make it.

Hope someone has another solution.
Good luck !