LDAP group role mapping is not working

We have integrated LDAP into our platform, and our target is to map the different roles we create under the security plugin to the “LDAP groups”.
We have used the following config for authorization.


Once the role is created through Kibana, we are mapping LDAP group to that role as below under “External identities” by giving LDAP group name (Here “G3” is the LDAP group present in ou=Group,dc=***,dc=com)

But this is not working, as the user in the group G3 is unable to login to kibana, it says “No available tenant for the current user, please reach out to your system administrator”


Vikas, Are you mapping these users to kibana_user role? (To be able to use kibana)

Yes @Anthony, I’m able to map roles to LDAP users. Issue got resolved after configuring rolesearch, rolebase and userroleattribute.