LDAP Connection Not Working

I am trying to set up LDAP for authc
I have configured the config.yml file

I ran the securityadmin.sh tool and it was success…

However, when I try to login to kibana, it does not work…I see the below errors in the elastic logs :

[2021-02-13T23:35:32,598][WARN ][c.a.d.a.l.b.LDAPAuthorizationBackend] [*****] Unable to connect to ldapserver **********************:636 due to ElasticsearchException[Empty file path for opendistro_security.ssl.transport.truststore_filepath]. Try next.
[2021-02-13T23:35:32,599][WARN ][c.a.o.s.a.BackendRegistry] [usncx441] Authentication finally failed for ******* from ***************

What am I missing out here ?

It is working if I change SSL to false…

Your variable opendistro_security.ssl.transport.truststore_filepath in elasticserach.yml seems to be wrong .


You can also configure “pemtrustedcas_filepath: <DC_root_CA_cert>” with DC root CA cert in config.yml.