Kibana Showing Licence options

Opendistro Version 1.8

In Kibana sometimes we are getting the message, "your Query is taking a while with an upgraded license key you can ensure request have enough time to complete, Go license options "

How can we remove this

@bosky I reported that problem last month in this discussion forum (ODFE 1.8.0 Release screens reference Elastic Kibana) and @huan reported the problem had been fixed in the code soon thereafter. However, it doesn’t look like anyone has provided any info on when this change will actually be available.

@bpavani Can you provide an update: when should this fixed code become available?


Apologize for the delay, @GSmith especially. While we fixed the issue, there are some challenges on how we make this available to our community members. We are actively working on it. We are planning to release our next ODFE version in about 10 days and we may still see this issue. Rest assured, we are hoping to get past this in a month or so.


Thanks @GSmith, @bpavani for the update

I still see this popup… Any updates was this fixed ?