Kibana Cross Cluster Search


Has anyone had any luck configuring Kibana Index patterns for cross cluster search?

I have configured cross cluster search successfully it seems, in Dev Tools I can issue:

GET /remote_cluster:remote_index/_search

This will return the expected results.

If I do a GET _remote/info in dev tools, everything looks ok and connected=true

If I try and configure an index pattern for remote_cluster:* it fails to find a match.

I noticed in /var/log/messages, as this action is being carried out, it’s doing a post to:

/elasticsearch/remote_cluster:*/_search?ignore_unavailable=true 200

Is the fact that it’s prepending /elasticsearch causing the issue?

I’m running the latest version of OD on CentOS


Hi Sirfraz,

l have the same issue, cross cluster seach is working in dev tools, but I cannot create an index pattern.
I am also using the last opendistro elasticsearch/kibana docker image.
I am also using admin as user

If there’s anyone who made it works and explain every steps, it would be helpful.

Actually an issue has been raised, you can see at the bottom of the discussion, a way to reproduce the issue.

Hi Patrice,

Thanks for posting that link, I didn’t come across it in my searching.

Hopefully it can get resolved :+1:

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