Kibana Autocomplete

After general research, it appears the Kibana Autocomplete feature was removed from the kibana open source since 6.4,and therefore is not available.
I’d just like to point our that the feature is extremely helpful and important in the usage of kibana, and has allowed our clients to use it freely, instead of having to memorize each and every key.
Is support for it planned in opendistro? A separate plugin perhaps? Or is it considered unimportant?
If that is the case, a stop gap solution would be to increase the filter window size in the upper toolbar, since it got massively decrease with Kibana 7.0 and is now barely usable in comparison with the Filter bar+Autocomplete

Hi @hagayg, definitely, the removal of autocomplete from Kibana OSS was something we noticed shortly after it happened, and it has a negative day-to-day impact on the user experience. These sorts of changes and the general confusion around what is and isn’t open source were a factor in the creation of ODFE.

So we’re aware of the issue and definitely consider it important, but as far as I know, re-implementing the autocomplete feature isn’t on our immediate roadmap. I’ve added a issue in the community repository so that it doesn’t get lost:

How about the stopgap solution suggested? As of now, there really is no practical solution if you happen to have long term names, since the filter window is so small. Our clients actually have to hover over each entry in order to discern it.
After quite a while lot of checking, we couldn’t even find the olace in the source that changes the size of that ui element, since the general settings don’t support changing the ui much.
To our great amusement, fixing the filter window size is quite easy to do on the rendered HTML size and is a simple matter of changing 3 div-width tags.
Since those HTML tags are being created in React for a “euiflex” class which seems to be quite complex and used all over, we couldn’t quite change it ourselves.