Is there any way to send the reports to email addresses

Hi Team,

Is there any way to send the reports to email address on a predefined schedule? Wondering if through API or any setting that needs to be enabled

Blason R

Hi Folks,

Really this is not possible to send the reports over email automatically?


As per the github it seems the reports can be sent out through email but dang I am not able to figure it out how.

Scheduled reports can be sent to (shared with) self or various stakeholders within the organization such as, including but not limited to, executives, managers, engineers (developers, DevOps, IT Engineer) in the form of pdf, hyperlinks, csv, excel via various channels such as email, slack, Amazon Chime. However, in order to export, schedule and share reports, report owners should have the necessary permissions as defined under Roles and Privileges.

Hello Blason,

Did you had any luck with this?, I am on the same boat.

Hi Blason,

Did you get a workaround for this? I cant seem to find how to send scheduled reports via email…

Nope - I still can not fetch the reports via email.