Index Policy are always in Initializing status

Hi, we are using ODFE 1.9.0 on 3 nodes of ES 7.8.0.
Our cluster is in green health.

Despite this, all index policies have still been in the initialization state for several days.

So I enabled debug but that’s very verbose. For what will I need to pay attention ?

When I applyied a policy to an indice, I saw this line :
[2020-12-10T09:41:10,144][INFO ][c.a.o.j.s.JobScheduler ] [node-1] Scheduling job id kcUSMaCxS7axT0OaTKvU8A for index .opendistro-ism-config .

… and the indice is listed in the Managed Indices page and still with the status Initializing (I’m waiting since … two weeks) !

Any idea ?


Hey @Oli,

Any errors in logs around cluster state exceptions? Or any cluster blocks on the cluster regarding metadata?

Hi @dbbaughe , I created this post because I had no reply from a similare issue posted by @clouca (his post).
Unlike @clouca , I had no red indexes, all are green.

What do you mean about cluster blocks and metadata ?

I’ll dig in logs files.