Incompatibility with xpack plugins


I was happy to see that opendistro plugins were released individually, and I tried to replace Searchguard Community with opendistro in our ELK 6.7.1 stack.

But when opendistro is installed, Kibana refuse to start if XPack plugin reporting is installed.
After I disabled reporting plugin, Kibana started, but there is an error with xpack spaces plugin, and Kibana is in red state…

I really would like to use opendistro security instead of Searchguard Community, because I will need to use SAML, but I need XPack plugins too…

Are these incompatible ?

I must precise that I don’t have any problems with Searchguard and xpack plugins, and I thought that the opendistro security was forked from Searchguard.

Thank you.

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For those who were interested in a solution, I managed finally to install security plugins (Kibana, Elasticsearch) on ELK 6.7.2 (non OSS).

I had to :

And now I have ELK 6.7.2, with XPack free features (monitoring, spaces…) AND opendistro security.

Update : all is working good with ELK 6.8.0 too :slight_smile:

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