I miss a documentation of how to connect an external machine


Hello, I am very excited about this project.
I’ve been doing tests for a while … and all the accessories (filebeat, metricbeat, etc …) are perfect in localhost …)
Using the test certificates.

But with external machines, communication is not achieved.
Always say that the certificate is for
I have generated new certificates, but the same has not worked.

If I deactivate the security plugin, certificates are not needed, but communication with filebeat is never achieved.

Please, if you write a documentation of how to connect a filebeat of an external machine with elasticsearch and Kibana I would be very grateful.

Thank you :relajado:


Hi Evaristorivi

Please see our post on adding your own SSL certificates: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/add-ssl-certificates-open-distro-for-elasticsearch/.

Let us know whether that helps!



Yes thanks!
I commented the solution here!