How to create a read-only user having access to specific indices (in discover page) and specific dashboard(s) only?


I went through Security > Internal Users and I was checking whether this is possible. I have 4 indices, say, indexa, indexb, indexc and indexd. I have 4 dashboards, say dashboarda, dashboardb, dashboardc and dashboardd.

I want to create a readonly user having username and password as readonly_user.

  1. I want this user to be able to read only indexa and indexb.
  2. I want this user to be able to access only dashboarda and dashboardb

I have two questions;

  1. How to create a that user with KIbana UI
  2. Is it possible to create user using API? If possible, how?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @elasticheart The index access is easily accomplished using index patterns permissions in roles which can be done via both Kibana UI and APIs, however as far as I know the only way to limit access to certain kibana objects (dashboards, visualisations etc) is to use separate tenants. Would that work for your use case?