Find the reason why policy was not applied

I have a curator job that does shrink on my indices. And I have an ISM policy that is intended for these shrunk indices. The same job did shrink for 3 indices of the same type. For 2 of them, the policy was successfully applied and initialized but for one it was not applied. no Errors in the logs, I just saw that this index had Managed by Policy: No on the “Index Management/Indices” page.
here is my ISM policy:

      "policy": {
        "description": "Default policy for shrunk indices",
        "schema_version": 1,
        "error_notification": null,
        "default_state": "cold-search",
        "states": [
            "name": "cold-search",
            "actions": [],
            "transitions": [
                "state_name": "delete",
                "conditions": { "min_index_age": "30d" }
            "name": "delete",
            "actions": [
                "retry": {
                  "count": 20,
                  "backoff": "constant",
                  "delay": "1h"
                "delete": {}
            "transitions": []
        "ism_template": {
          "index_patterns": ["logging*shrink", "aws-logs*shrink"],
          "priority": 5

Index names like below:

for 451 and 453 the policy was applied, but for 452 it was not.

is it possible to figure out why the policy was not applied? Probably some logs?