Default route in kibana

Hi guys any idea how to set the default routing in kibana , im facing a problem beacause when i log in it gives me the select tenant interface and i choose a tenant but then it loads the last page before i log out
I’ve tried setting th default route param in the advanced settings but it wont work?
Any idea how to do it
Ps:im using the latest version of OD security plugin with ELK 7.10.2

Setting defaultRoute in advanced settings of kibana worked fine for me.
Maybe you have misconfigured it? Could you please share the value that you inserted there?

Hi thanks for responding , this is what i’ve putted in the advanced settings : /app/dashboards

app/dashboards worked fine too on my cluster, no matter which tenant I choose (Global, Private, custom ones), always redirecting me to the dashboards (seeing the corresponding ones).
I wonder whether the tenant change messes up something on your end. Maybe you could try checking the Remember my selection next time I log in from this device. box when selecting tenant and see how it will behave once you reconnect?

@HeiDri did you try changing it via kibana.yml file with line:
server.defaultRoute: /app/dashboards
Also, this option only seems to navigate to the correct url first time kibana is loaded, any subsequent attempts are redirected to where the user was previously.