CSV export download from saved search in opendistro

Hi All,
Can we export CSV file from saved search in open distro via reporting?
Or any way to download any index records into csv file?


If yes then please let us know the complete procedure.

@ Opendistro Team,
I have to export index records into csv from Kibana.Is this functionaliy in place in stable opendistro version?
Please confirm soon as we have some urgent requirement in our project.



With regard to your issue, the latest Open Distro 1.7.0 release includes a product called SQL workbench, which provides a way to export data as CSV from Kibana.

Please take a look and let me know if that helps. As for reporting as a feature, it’s also on our roadmap. We will keep the community informed with more information, pretty soon!

Zhongnan Su

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