Add Exporter Plugin to Opensearch

Hello all,

I search to install opensearch exporter to collect opensearch metrics.
Compared to the plugin on open distro/elasticsearch, which was installed in standalone process

Now the Opensearch exporter is installed in plugin mode.

So i retrieve package under : GitHub - vvanholl/elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter: Prometheus exporter plugin for Elasticsearch

When i lauch install on my master opensearch container : ./opensearch-plugin install -b -v

Error appear : ERROR: Unknown plugin

Do you have encountered this problem ? Maybe i can install it in stand alone process ?

Thanks you for yoru help.

Best Regards


It doesn’t look like vvanholl/elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter supports OpenSearch. Plugins have to be ported over and it doesn’t look like vvanholl has done this for that particular project.

There is a fork of this plugin which should work with OpenSearch GitHub - aparo/opensearch-prometheus-exporter: OpenSearch Prometheus Exporter (fork of


Great callout @jmau2002 I totally forgot about the work @aparo did on this!

Yes, thanks for sharing.

But on my pod, i tested to install this plugin directly on my pod master:

[opensearch@master-esga2-0 ~]$ ./bin/opensearch-plugin install -b bin/
-> Installing bin/
-> Failed installing bin/
-> Rolling back bin/
-> Rolled back bin/
A tool for managing installed opensearch plugins

Non-option arguments:

Option             Description
------             -----------
-E <KeyValuePair>  Configure a setting
-h, --help         Show help
-s, --silent       Show minimal output
-v, --verbose      Show verbose output
ERROR: Unknown plugin bin/

Maybe i miss something ? Environment (Kubernetes).