2 configured triggers in Alert, but only 1 trigger is getting triggered

Hi Team,

Hope you all are doing good!

I have created an alert to search for error logs, and attached 2 triggers to that alert.

The Alert interval was 24 hours, and the extraction query also pulled 24 hours data for processing.

The Trigger configurations -

  1. Notify Alert results - Trigger condition => count > 0. Just aggregate based on a field , and send it to Webex channel.

  2. Notify if count > 100 - This will notify only when the count > 100. - This was added recently.

The alert has been running for a week, and only the 2nd trigger is getting triggered. Not sure what is wrong.

Is there any limit as to there can be only 1 trigger - alert pair working ?

Also, is it possible see the next run of Monitor in dashboard - cos I changed the cron to * * * * * for debugging but the monitor and triggers are not running at all